Zehnder Family Album

Note: As in many German families, the Zehnders were often called by their second name. The call name is in all caps.

Thumbs/tn_zehnder jj flo.gif
John Jacob and Florence Hamilton Zehnder about 1901
Thumbs/tn_Zehnder 7 1916.gif
Seven Zehnder kids in 1916
Thumbs/tn_zehnders jj flo helen alice davies grace delb 1934.gif
Jacob John Zehnder 1934, with relatives and friends
Thumbs/tn_Zehnder jj 1949.gif
John Jacob Zehnder in 1949 with grandchildren
Thumbs/tn_zehnder jj grandkids.gif
John Jacob Zehnder with granddaughters
Thumbs/tn_zehnder hel bro n wives.gif
John Jacob Zehnder's sons and their wives
Thumbs/tn_zehnder luc lela helen delb.jpg
Zehnder siblings Lucille, Lelle, Helen and Delbert
Thumbs/tn_zehnder rh viv kids dwh kids.gif
DW Hughes family visits Robert Harold Zehnder family