The Hemmingas at the Beach

30 December 1925 at Miami Beach: Daan, Harry, Johanna, Jane

As Daan told the story, it did not take many winters for the extreme climate of the northern plains to get old. Temperatures of 40 below were remembered. Then somebody in the group had the idea that they should move to the new and warm frontier - Miami. They headed south in September, 1924. Daan prospered in the boom, becoming (on paper) a millionaire. That ended abruptly with the 1926 hurricane - property values collapsed. Fortunately he still had his skills and was able to continue making a good living in the construction trades. His speciality was interior carpentry - floors, etc., after the structure was framed and closed in. His last employment was with a company that installed attic fans - an excellent and efficient cooling system.

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