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Nancy and Dan at the Marine Ball, November 1999 in Brussels
photo by G. Vajay

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All material was written, photographed or drawn by me unless unless otherwise indicated. I endeavor to be accurate, but make no guarantees. Opinions are mine - my apologies if they offend.

All of the genealogy sections continue to be actively researched, and the cycling section is updated whenever I receive new material from those still living in Belgium.

Comments and corrections are welcomed. If any links don't work, please let me know - including the browser you are using.

Dan Gamber
19 July 2015


Cycling Belgium's Waterways
A description of the 2,000 km of towpaths in Belgium from a cyclist's perspective. Includes some maps, photos, and descriptions of sights not usually found in English language guide books.

Caroline St DC - our home and its history

The family section
Gamber, Bumgarner, Bebout and Armstrong Families
Hemminga Families of Friesland
Bibauw/Bibau/Bijbau familes in Europe
Hughes and Zehnder Families
McCall - One twig of a forest

Lessons learned in a nomad life
We have lived in sixteen different cities in nine countries on three continents. Following are some essays on lessons we have learned.