Caroline Street, NW
Washington, District of Columbia

The first 136 years

by Rick Busch and Dan Gamber

Caroline Street
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Caroline Street and the City Plan
Diller B Groff Bio
What's in a Name?
The Street
People Make a Neighborhood
1880 - 1950: Evolution
1950 - 1975: Years of Troubles
Recovery and Gentrification
The Residents Association
Caroline Street Today

A. Timeline
B. Original Building Permit
C. Summary Census Data
D. Paul Clendenin Letters
E. Album
F. Useful Information
G. Grafitti Removal Request Form (pdf)
H. Building Permits In Our Historic District
I. News Sources

J. Caroline Street Forum and List

K. Photos of some of our insect life by Ellen, 1504


On August 22, 1879, Diller Baer Groff paid $48.00 to the Treasurer's Office of the District of Columbia government for a permit to build twenty-four semi-detached brick houses on Caroline Street (Square 190) in the northwest quadrant of the City of Washington. According to the application, he estimated the cost of his Caroline Street project to be $43,200, or about $1,800 for each residence.[1]

This is the story of that street, its buildings and people, good times and bad, and survival today as an urban community in the best sense.

This labor of love by two long-time residents is dedicated to

While this edition is greatly expanded from the first written in 1993 by Rick Busch, it is certainly not definitive. Corrections and additional information (particularly pictures) will be welcomed.

Richard (Rick) Busch, 1520 Caroline Street, NW
Dan Gamber, 1502 Caroline Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

[1] See Appendix B for a copy of Diller B. Groff's permit application.

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