Dan meets Bernard (Ben) Hemminga and his wife Henni Kempermann

Dan Gamber at first meeting with Bernard Jan (Ben) Hemminga and his wife Henni Kempermann, Amsterdam 15 August 1999.
Photo by Nancy Gamber.

The power of the Internet was once again demonstrated on 13 August 1999. Dan and Nancy had already made arrangements to visit Amsterdam (for the archives, and to look for ancestral houses) when an e-mail arrived from Ben - the son of the brother of Dan's grandmother Johanna Hemminga. Ben, who was up to then unknown to Dan, had found the Hemminga web site. Fortunately, Ben and Henni were able to come to Amsterdam while Dan and Nancy were there. Ben was able to provide much additional family information, and had many pictures Dan had never seen before - many sent by Johanna from the US. A few of the pictures are now posted on this site.

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