Hemmingas and Waltas circa 1918

From the left: Daan Hemminga, his sister Hendrika, his wife Johanna, and Hendrika's husband Herman Bauke Walta. The children are of Herman and Hendrika: Hendrika (born 1910) and Andrew (born 1911). The place: Fargo, North Dakota.

Herman Walta migrated to the US in 1907. He settled in North Dakota. By 1911 he was joined by Hendrika. Their words about the great opportunities convinced Daan he should migrate also, which he did in 1912 - a couple of weeks after the Titanic sank. Herman and Daan were real estate developers - buy a lot, build a house, sell it, buy more land, etc. Daan decided that the US was the place to stay, and in 1914 he returned to the Netherlands to arrange for marriage with his first cousin Johanna. Her parents would not let her leave immediately. She was the only daughter, and presumably "needed" to help around the house. She was not able to leave until April, 1915. Daan and Johanna were married the day she arrived in New York, 28 May 1915.

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