an every growing online archive of the holdiings of all the historic provinces of the Netherlands, with complete marriage, baptism/birth and death records from 1811 to 1942 for many provinces, as well as increasing holdings of earlier church records.

an overview of Fryslân history, culture and geography

the place to start your stamboom research in Friesland

SWINX Zoeklijst Nederlandse Familienamen
an alphabetical list of registered Netherlands family tree sites

the Friesland provincial archives in Leeuwarden

an index of (almost) EVERYTHING on the Internet related to genealogy

Digital Resources in Netherlands and Belgium
links to archives and related resources

Internet Resources for Friesland
A page from Digital Resources with links to archives and related resources. The list keeps growing, and you can find searchable online databases with information as early as 1509.

extensive information (in Dutch) on the origin and forms of Dutch names

Dutch naming conventions
Scroll down the page until you see "Dutch Patronymics of the 1600s"

Dutch Genealogical Word List

Historical Geographic Information System Friesland
is a amazing map. It contains the 1832 kadastral map of Friesland, with overlaid data for the tax records of 1700, 1708, 1728, 1738 and 1758. Search and find where your ancestors lived and worked.

Stichting Alde Fryske Tsjerken
Institute for old Fries churchs
research and restortation, including the church at Olterterp

Links to related families

Bekkema, van der Wal and several related families
Van Otten

last update 20 August 2008

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